A compute manager is an application that manages resources such as hosts and virtual machines. Configure the vCenter Server that is associated with the NSX-T Data Center as a compute manager in the NSX Manager.


  1. Log in to the NSX Manager.
  2. Select System > Fabric > Compute Managers > Add
  3. Enter the compute manager details.
    Option Description
    Name and Description Enter the name and description of the vCenter Server.
    FQDN or IP Address Enter the FQDN or the IP address of the vCenter Server.
    User name and Password Enter the vCenter Server login credentials.
  4. Select Enable Trust to allow vCenter Server to communicate with NSX-T Data Center .
  5. If you did not provide a thumbprint value for NSX Manager, the system identifies the thumbprint and displays it.
  6. Click Add to accept the thumbprint.


After some time, the compute manager is registered with vCenter Server and the connection status changes to Up. If the FQDN/PNID of vCenter Server changes, you must re-register it with the NSX Manager. For more information, see Register vCenter Server with NSX Manager.

Note: After the vCenter Server is successfully registered, do not power off and delete the NSX Manager VM without deleting the compute manager first. Otherwise, when you deploy a new NSX Manager, you will not be able to register the same vCenter Server again. You will get an error stating that the vCenter Server is already registered with another NSX Manager.

You can click the compute manager name to view the details, edit the compute manager, or to manage tags that apply to the compute manager.