Deploy the Prometheus extension on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy the Prometheus extension with Contour ingress.


Download and unpack the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions Bundle. See

Provision a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster. See Provisioning Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters.

Log in to the cluster. See Connect to a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster as a vCenter Single Sign-On User.


  1. Install the TKG Extensions prerequisites on the cluster, if they are not already installed. You need the tmc-extension-manager, kapp-controller, and either the cert-manager or your own certificates. See Install the TKG Extensions v1.3.0 Prerequisites.
  2. Deploy the Contour extension. See Deploy the Contour Extension.
  3. Deploy the Prometheus extension. See Deploy the Contour Extension. When you configure prometheus-data-values.yaml, set the monitoring.ingress.enabled field to true. See Configure the Prometheus Extension.
  4. To access Prometheus, update your local /etc/hosts with an entry that points prometheus.system.tanzu to a worker node IP address.