Deploy the Controller VM to the vSphere Management network in your vSphere with Tanzu environment.

Install the Controller on your vSphere Management network.



  1. Log in to the vCenter Server using the vSphere Client.
  2. Select the vCenter cluster that is designated for management components.
  3. Create a resource pool named AVI-LB.
  4. Right-click the resource pool and select Deploy OVF Template.
  5. Select Local File and click Upload Files.
  6. Browse to and select the controller-VERSION.ova file you downloaded as a prerequisite.
  7. Enter a name and select a folder for the Controller.
    Option Description
    Virtual machine name avi-controller-1
    Location for the virtual machine Datacenter
  8. Select the AVI-LB resource pool as a compute resource.
  9. Review the configuration details and click Next.
  10. Select a VM Storage Policy, such as vsanDatastore.
  11. Select the Management network, such as MGMT-VLAN1009.
  12. Customize the configuration as follows and click Next when you are done.
    Option Description
    Management Interface IP Address Enter the IP address for the Controller VM, such as 10.999.17.51.
    Management Interface Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask, such as
    Default Gateway Enter the default gateway for the Management network, such as
    Sysadmin login authentication key Paste the contents of a private key (optional).
  13. Review the deployment settings.
  14. Click Finish to complete the configuration.
  15. Use vSphere Client to monitor the provisioning of the Controller VM in the Tasks panel.
  16. Use vSphere Client to power on the Controller VM after it is deployed.