Checkout how to change the NTP and DNS server settings for the Workload Networks of a Supervisor Cluster configured with the VDS networking stack. The DNS servers that you configure for Workload Networks are external DNS servers exposed to Kubernetes workloads and they resolve default domain names that are hosted outside of the Supervisor Cluster.


  • Verify that you have the Modify cluster-wide configuration privilege on the cluster.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the Supervisor Cluster.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. Under Supervisor Cluster, select Network.
  4. Select Workload Network.
  5. Edit the DNS server settings.

    Enter the addresses of DNS Servers that can resolve the domain names of the vSphere management components, such as vCenter Server .

    For example,

    When you enter the IP address of the DNS server, a static route is added on each control plane VM. This indicates that the traffic to the DNS servers goes through the workload network.

    If the DNS servers that you specify are shared between the management network and workload network, the DNS lookups on the control plane VMs are routed through the Workload Network after initial setup.

  6. Edit the NTP settings as needed.