Transport zones indicate which hosts and VMs can use a particular network. A transport zone can span one or more host clusters.

As a vSphere administrator, you use the default transport zones or create the following ones:

  • An overlay transport zone that is used by the Supervisor Cluster Control Plane VMs.
  • A VLAN transport zone for the NSX Edge nodes to use for uplinks to the physical network.


  1. Log in to the NSX Manager.
  2. Select System > Fabric > Transport Zones > Add.
  3. Enter a name for the transport zone and optionally a description.
  4. Select a traffic type.
    You can select Overlay or VLAN.
    The following transport zones exist by default:
    • A VLAN transport zone with name nsx-vlan-transportzone.
    • An overlay transport zone with name nsx-overlay-transportzone.
  5. (Optional) Enter one or more uplink teaming policy names.
    The segments attached to the transport zones use these named teaming policies. If the segments do not find a matching named teaming policy, then the default uplink teaming policy is used.


The new transport zone appears on the Transport Zones page.