Update the Fluent Bit extension that is deployed to a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Update the Fluent Bit extension.


The Fluent Bit extension is installed and you need to update it.


  1. Get Fluent Bit data values from the secret.
    kubectl get secret fluent-bit-data-values -n tanzu-system-logging -o 'go-template={{ index .data "values.yaml" }}' | base64 -d > fluent-bit-data-values.yaml
  2. Update Fluent Bit data values in fluent-bit-data-values.yaml. See the following topic for configuration options: Configure the Fluent Bit Extension.
  3. Update Fluent Bit data values secret.
    kubectl create secret generic fluent-bit-data-values --from-file=values.yaml=fluent-bit-data-values.yaml -n tanzu-system-logging -o yaml --dry-run | kubectl replace -f-
    Expected results: The Fluent Bit extension will be reconciled again with the above data values.
    Note: By default, kapp-controller will sync apps every 5 minutes. The update should take effect in 5 minutes or less. If you want the update to take effect immediately, change syncPeriod in fluent-bit-extension.yaml to a lesser value and apply the Fluent Bit extension using kubectl apply -f fluent-bit-extension.yaml.
  4. Check the status of the extension.
    kubectl get extension fluent-bit -n tanzu-system-logging
    kubectl get app fluent-bit -n tanzu-system-logging
  5. View detailed status and troubleshoot.
    kubectl get app fluent-bit -n tanzu-system-logging -o yaml