Using esxcli vsan cluster get command, you can view the CMMDS mode (unicast or multicast) of the vSAN cluster node.


  • Run the esxcli vsan cluster get command.


Cluster Information
  Enabled: true
  Current Local Time: 2020-04-09T18:19:52Z
  Local Node UUID: 5e8e3dc3-43ab-5452-795b-a03d6f88f022
  Local Node Type: NORMAL
  Local Node State: AGENT
  Local Node Health State: HEALTHY
  Sub-Cluster Master UUID: 5e8e3d3f-3015-9075-49b6-a03d6f88d426
  Sub-Cluster Backup UUID: 5e8e3daf-e5e0-ddb6-a523-a03d6f88dd4a
  Sub-Cluster UUID: 5282f9f3-d892-3748-de48-e2408dc34f72
  Sub-Cluster Membership Entry Revision: 11
  Sub_cluster Member Count: 5
  Sub-Cluster Member UUIDs: 5e8e3d3f-3015-9075-49b6-a03d6f88d426, 5e8e3daf-e5e0-ddb6-a523-a03d6f88dd4a,
  5e8e3d73-6d1c-0b81-1305-a03d6f888d22, 5e8e3d33-5825-ee5c-013c-a03d6f88ea4c, 5e8e3dc3-43ab-5452-795b-a03d6f88f022
  Sub-Cluster Member HostNames:,,,,
  Sub-Cluster Membership UUID: 0f438e5e-d400-1bb2-f4d1-a03d6f88d426
  Unicast Mode Enabled: true
  Maintenance Mode State: OFF
  Config Generation: ed845022-5c08-48d0-aa1d-6b62c0022222 7 2020-04-08T22:44:14.889