You can use the vSphere with Tanzu APIs to grant access permissions to DevOps engineers on the vSphere Namespaces.

Use the Access service to retrieve information about the access control of the DevOps engineers on a specific namespace. You can also set up or remove an access control for a specific user or group on a specific namespace, and add another access control on the namespace. You set up each access control to allow a user or group to access a namespace in a specific vCenter Server system. You can grant access to a DevOps engineer to more than one namespace.

You must have the Namespaces.Configure. privilege to grant permissions to a user. You assign the view and edit access role on the namespace for the user or group.

Starting with vSphere 7.0 Update 2а, you can also assign the owner role to a DevOps engineer. These roles allow the user to deploy workloads, share the namespace with other DevOps engineers, and delete it when it is no longer needed.