The VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API supports a subset of the profiles defined by the SMWG. These profiles have overlapping structures and can be used in combinations to manage a server.

This VMware CIM implementation also includes a profile from the SMI specification developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). The implementation uses SMI-S version 1.3.

In some situations, the version of a profile supported by the CIMOM is important. The following table shows the version of each profile that is implemented by the VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API for this release of ESXi.

Some profiles are only partially implemented by VMware. The implementation does not include all mandatory elements specified in the profile. These profiles are listed with “N/A” in the Version column. For information about which elements are implemented, see the VMware CIM SMASH/Server Management API and Profile Reference at

Profile Version
Base Server 1.0.0
Battery 1.0.0
CLP Admin Domain N/A
CPU 1.0.0
Ethernet Port N/A
Fan 1.0.1
Host Discovered Resources N/A
Host LAN Port N/A
Indications N/A
IP Interface N/A
Job Control 1.3.0
PCI Device N/A
Physical Asset 1.0.2
Power State Management 1.0.1
Power Supply 1.0.1
Profile Registration 1.0.0
Record Log 1.0.0
Sensors 1.0.0
Software Inventory 1.0.0
Software Update 1.0.0
System Memory 1.0.0

The Job Control subprofile is specified by the SNIA, as part of the SMI-S. All other profiles are specified by the DMTF.

The Software Update profile is not supported in the base installation. It requires a separate VIB installation.