The vSphere SDK for Perl Programming Guide provides information about writing and running VMware® vSphere SDK for Perl scripts on ESX/ESXi or vCenter Server systems.

Important: This book discusses the SDK for Perl that allows you to access vSphere by using the vSphere Web Services SDK, which is available for all supported versions of vSphere. This book does not discuss Perl bindings to vAPI, which was released with vSphere 6.0 for the first time.

Because SDK subroutines allow you to manage vSphere hosts using vSphere API calls, a brief description of the server-side object model is included. This guide focuses on explaining how to access and modify server-side objects using the vSphere SDK for Perl and on discussing some programming techniques.

Intended Audience

This book is intended for administrators with different levels of Perl scripting experience.

  • All administrators can use the utility applications and sample scripts included with the vSphere SDK for Perl to manage and monitor the hosts in the vSphere environment.
  • Experienced Perl programmers can examine the source code for the available scripts. They can then modify those scripts or write new scripts using the vSphere SDK for Perl subroutines to access the objects on the vSphere host and manipulate those objects using Perl. This document includes a discussion of the vSphere object model and explains how you can preview and retrieve the objects and their attributes and methods.