The VMware HTML Console SDK Programming Guide explains how to use the HTML Console SDK API to write browser-based applications for VMware vSphere® and other VMware products.

Intended Audience

This book is intended for anyone who needs to develop applications containing a remote console. Typically this includes software developers who are creating Web applications using JavaScript, and who are targeting virtual machine remote-console functions in vSphere and vCloud Director.

Revision History

This book is revised with each release of the product or when necessary. A revised version can contain minor or major changes.

Table 1. Revision History
Revision Date Description
3 July 2023 Changed some chapter and section titles for search engine optimization.
9 November 2022 Revised for the 2.2 release with code sample for remote copy.
17 April 2017 Revised manual for incorporation in the vSphere documentation center.
27 October 2016 No changes for the 2.1 release.
12 April 2016 Very lightly revised for the 2.0 release.
15 September 2015 Initial release of the VMware HTML Console Programming Guide.

Related Documentation

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