vSAN data protection requires the VMware Snapshot Service appliance to manage vSAN snapshots.

Deploy the Snapshot Service appliance at the same site as your vCenter, with a low latency network connection.

Download and deploy the OVA file to add the VMware Snapshot Service appliance. Deploying the appliance OVA is similar to deploying a virtual machine from a template.

This appliance requires a trusted vCenter Server certificate. From the vCenter home page, click Download trusted root CA certificates. Extract the certificate files, open Certs > lin, and copy text from the file with the following extension: .0


  1. Download the VMware Snapshot Service appliance from the VMware website.
  2. Right-click the vSAN cluster in the vSphere Client, and select Deploy OVF Template to open the wizard.
  3. On the Select an OVF template page, specify the location of the appliance OVA file and click Next.
  4. On the Select a name and folder page, you can enter a unique name for the appliance, select your data center as the deployment location.
  5. On the Select a compute resource page, select the vSAN cluster as the compute resource.
  6. On the Select storage page, select a datastore.
  7. On the Select networks page, select the same network as the vCenter, and click Next.
  8. On the Customize template page, enter the root password for the appliance VM, and specify the vCenter on which to deploy the appliance. In the vCenter Server Certificate field, enter the certificate text.


The VMware Snapshot Service is deployed to the specified vCenter, and vSAN data protection pages are available in the vSphere Client.