You can edit the image profile association of a single host if the host is not associated with a vSphere Auto Deploy rule.


Alternatively, you might not want to change the image profile association of multiple hosts by editing a rule.


  1. Navigate to Home > Auto Deploy.
    By default, only the administrator role has privileges to use the vSphere Auto Deploy service.
  2. On the Deployed Hosts tab, select an ESXi host.
  3. Click Edit Image Profile Association.
    The Edit Image Profile Association dialog box appears.
  4. Edit the image profile association of the host.
    Option Action
    If you do not want to change the image profile Select the Same image profile check box.
    If you want to assign a new image profile to the selected hosts
    1. Select the Browse for Image Profile check box.
    2. Select a software depot from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select an image profile from the list.
    4. (Optional) If you want to bypass the acceptance level verification for the image profile, select the Skip image profile signature check check box.
  5. Click OK.


The new image profile is listed in the Associated Image Profile column after a refresh of the page.

What to do next

  • View the host location, image profile, host profile, and added script bundles. See View Host Associations.
  • If the host is associated with a rule and you want to revert to the image profile defined in the rule, remediate the host. See Remediate a Non-compliant Host.