You can download the offline bundle ZIP file for ESXi patches and updates from the VMware Customer Connect portal.


Log in to VMware Customer Connect and navigate to Products and Accounts > Product Patches. If you are already logged in, navigate to the Product Patches page.


  1. From the Select a Product drop-down menu, select ESXi (Embedded and Installable).
  2. From the Select a Version drop-down menu, select an ESXi version, for example, 8.0.
  3. Use the available filters, such as Severity, Category, Date, Release Name, and Build Number, to refine your search.
  4. Click Search.
    You see a list releases that match your criteria and the list of bulletins for the latest release in this selection. If you do not select any filters, you see a list of bulletins for the latest patch or update release of the selected ESXi version.
  5. Optional Click View Details to see the release notes for the selected release or for an individual bulletin.
  6. Click Download Now. Alternatively, if you select more than one release, click Download Selected.

What to do next

The typical way to apply patches to ESXi 8.x hosts is by using the vSphere Lifecycle Manager. For details, see see About vSphere Lifecycle Manager and vSphere Lifecycle Manager Baselines and Images. .

After you download an offline bundle ZIP file, you can also update ESXi hosts without using the Lifecycle Manager plug-in, and use an image profile instead. For more information, see the Upgrading Hosts by Using ESXCLI Commands and the VMware ESXi Upgrade guide.