An upgraded ESXi host with attached legacy vSphere host profile results in a non-compliant status after reboot.


When you upgrade a host to the latest ESXi version and remediate the attached legacy host profile to that host, the compliance status might be updated to non-compliant after the host reboots.


You are using a legacy host profile, which is attached to an ESXi host version 6.7 or earlier and contains the following sub-profiles:
  • Misc.LogPort
  • host/vim/vmvisor/plugins/vmware_*


  • Make the ESXi host compliant with the legacy host profile.
    1. From the Host Profiles main view, right-click the host profile that you want to edit and select Edit Host Profile.
    2. In the Edit host profile page, deactivate the sub-profile(s).
    3. Check Host Profile Compliance.
  • Upgrade the legacy host profile to the same version as the ESXi host.
    1. Right-click the legacy host profile and select Copy Settings from Host.
    2. Select the upgraded ESXi host from which you want to copy the configuration settings and click OK.