This procedure resolves compliance failures for SAS devices that are not detected as local by the vSphere storage stack.


Extract a host profile from a reference host. See How Do You Create a vSphere Host Profile? for instructions.


  1. Navigate to Host Profiles main view and select the host profile that you want to edit.
  2. Click the Configure tab, and click Edit Host Profile.
  3. Select Storage configuration > Pluggable Storage Architecture configuration > PSA device sharing > name of device
  4. For each device not shared across the cluster, deactivate Device is shared clusterwide.
    Note: By default, the Device is shared clusterwide setting is deactivated for devices detected as local and enabled for non-local devices. This setting allows storage host profiles to ignore local devices during compliance checks.

    The Device is Shared Clusterwide setting for PSA devices helps you determine which devices in the cluster should be configured by a host profile. Correctly setting this value for devices in the cluster eliminates compliance errors due to non-shared devices.

  5. Remediate the host profile to the reference host for the changes to take effect.