Managing Host and Cluster Lifecycle provides information about configuring and using VMware® vSphere Lifecycle Manager to manage the ESXi hosts and clusters in your environment.

Managing Host and Cluster Lifecycle provides instructions for configuring vSphere Lifecycle Manager, working with the vSphere Lifecycle Manager depot, and using baselines and images to install, update, or upgrade the software and firmware running on your ESXi hosts.

Managing Host and Cluster Lifecycle also provides detailed guidelines about using vSphere Lifecycle Manager recommended images and performing hardware compatibility checks on single hosts or clusters. It also describes how you can configure and use the Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) to download software updates in deployments with no access to the Internet.

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Intended Audience

This information is intended for experienced system administrators who are familiar with data center operations and virtual machine technology.

Client Interface

The instructions in this guide reflect the HTML5-based vSphere Client.