To use the capabilities of SR-IOV, you must enable the SR-IOV virtual functions on the host and connect a virtual machine to the functions.


Verify that the configuration of your environment supports SR-IOV. See SR-IOV Support.


The traffic passes from an SR-IOV passthrough adapter to the physical adapter in compliance with the active policy on the associated port on the standard or distributed switch.

To examine which virtual function is assigned to an SR-IOV passthrough network adapter, on the Summary tab for the virtual machine expand the VM Hardware panel and check the properties of the adapter.

The topology diagram of the switch marks virtual machine adapters that use virtual functions with the View the virtual NICs assigned to VFs icon.

What to do next

Set up the traffic passing through the virtual functions attached to the virtual machine by using the networking policies on the switch, port group, and port. See Networking Options for the Traffic Related to an SR-IOV Enabled Virtual Machine.