You can enable privilege recorder by using vSphere Client or adding the configuration to vpxd.cfg.


Verify that you have enough privileges to run your workflow. A user with the administrator role is recommended.
  1. Log in to the vCenter Server by using the vSphere Client.
  2. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the vCenter Server instance.
  3. Select Configure > Advanced Settings.
  4. In the Name field, type the name of the setting. 
  5. In the Value field, type the value or property for the specified setting.
    Option Description
    config.vpxd.privCheck.bufferSize The count of privileges to be kept in memory. The default value is 0. If you do not change the default value, the privilege checks recorder does not record any data.
    config.vpxd.privCheck.cleanupInterval The interval on which privilege checks for unused sessions are cleaned up. The default value is 30 minutes.
  6. Click Add and Save.

What to do next

Performing Privilege Checks Operations