Auto Deploy privileges control who can perform different tasks on Auto Deploy rules, and who can associate a host. Auto Deploy privileges also allow you to control who can create or edit an image profile.

The table describes privileges that determine who can manage Auto Deploy rules and rule sets and who can create and edit image profiles. For more information about Auto Deploy, see the VMware ESXi Installation and Setup documentation.

You can set this privilege at different levels in the hierarchy. For example, if you set a privilege at the folder level, you can propagate the privilege to one or more objects within the folder. The object listed in the Required On column must have the privilege set, either directly or inherited.

Table 1. Auto Deploy Privileges
Privilege Name in the vSphere Client Description Required On Privilege Name in the API
  • Host
    • AssociateMachine

Allows users to associate a host with a machine.

vCenter Server AutoDeploy.Host.AssociateMachine
  • Image Profile
    • Create
    • Edit
Create allows creation of image profiles. Edit allows editing of image profiles. vCenter Server AutoDeploy.Profile.Create


  • Rule
    • Create
    • Edit
    • Delete
Create allows creation of Auto Deploy rules. Edit allows editing of Auto Deploy rules. Delete allows deletion of Auto Deploy rules. vCenter Server AutoDeploy.Rule.Create


  • RuleSet
    • Activate
    • Edit
Activate allows activation of Auto Deploy rule sets. Edit allows editing of Auto Deploy rule sets. vCenter Server AutoDeploy.RuleSet.Activate