To create the first node, you create and configure a virtual machine and install a guest operating system on the virtual machine.


  1. Open the vSphere Client and connect to the vCenter Server system.

    Use the user name and password of the user who will have administrator permissions on the virtual machine.

  2. In the vSphere Client, right-click the host and select New Virtual Machine.
  3. Proceed through the wizard to create the virtual machine.
    Page Action
    Creation type Select Create a new virtual machine.
    Name and folder Enter a name and select a location.
    Compute resource Select a cluster, host, vApp or resource pool to run this virtual machine.
    Storage Select a datastore as the location for the virtual machine configuration file and the virtual machine disk (.vmdk) file.
    Compatibility The host or cluster suports more than one VMware virtual machine version. Select a compatibility for the virtual machine.
    Guest operating system Select the guest operating system that you intend to install.
    Customize hardware Select virtual hardware, advanced virtual machine options, and SDRS rules.
    Ready to Complete Review your selections.
  4. Click Finish to complete creating the virtual machine.
    Note: Do not add shared cluster disks at this time.
  5. Install a Windows Server operating system on the virtual machine.