You can create a WSFC cluster that consists of two or more virtual machines on two ESXi or more hosts. Use this method for production deployments.

A cluster across physical hosts requires specific hardware and software.
  • Up to 5 nodes in a single WSFC is supported
  • Supported shared storage configuration, such as RDM in physical compatibility mode, vVol, clustered VMDK. For more information, see What Shared Storage Configurations are Supported with WSFC?.
  • If the cluster validation wizard completes with the warning: Validate Storage Spaces Persistent Reservation you can safely ignore the warning. This check applies to the Microsoft Storage Spaces feature, which does not apply to VMware vSphere.
  • ESXi host now supports up to 16 WSFC clusters (multi-cluster) running on the same ESXi host.
  • With vSphere 8.0 U2 or later, you can use NVMe controller in addition to existing Paravirtual controller for WSFC with Clustered VMDK for Windows Server 2022 (OS Build 20348.1547) and later. To use NVMe Controller virtual machine hardware version must be 21 or later.