If you have provisioned a TKG cluster and the nodes are created, but one or more virtual machines does not start or have errors, try these troubleshooting tips.

Check Relevant CRDs

Once the VMs are created, the relevant CRDs should be created. Check if relevant CRDs are created and exist (machinedeployments, virtualmachines).

Check machine deployments:
kubectl get machinedeployments -A -o wide
Check virtual machines:
kubectl get virtualmachines -A

Check Node Size

You have provisioned a TKG cluster. The system is attempting to power on the control plane virtual machine(s), but it errors out with the following message.
The host does not have sufficient CPU resources to satisfy the reservation.

The virtual machine size or class is not sufficient for the cluster deployment. Change the virtual machine type or class. Avoid using the extra-small and small VM class types for both control plane and worker nodes.