Virtual machine classes must be bound to the vSphere Namespacewhere you are provisioning TKG clusters.

Virtual Machine Class Binding Error

If you attempt to provision a TKG cluster using one or more VM classes that you have not added to the target vSphere Namespace, you receive the error VirtualMachineClassBindingNotFound, an example of which is shown below.

To correct the error, configure the vSphere Namespace with the VM classes you want to use for your TKG cluster. Run the command kubectl get virtualmachineclassbindings to view the VM classes that are associated with the vSphere Namespace.

  - lastTransitionTime: "2021-04-25T02:50:58Z"
    message: 1 of 2 completed
    reason: VirtualMachineClassBindingNotFound @ Machine/test-cluster
    severity: Error
    status: "False"
    type: ControlPlaneReady
  - lastTransitionTime: "2021-04-25T02:49:21Z"
    message: 0/1 Control Plane Node(s) healthy. 0/2 Worker Node(s) healthy
    reason: WaitingForNodesHealthy
    severity: Info
    status: "False"
    type: NodesHealthy