Once you have configured a vSphere Namespace, log in to Supervisor and verify that it is ready for provisioning TKG clusters.

Verify vSphere Namespace Configuration for TKG Cluster Provisioning

In preparation for provisioning TKG clusters, complete this task to verify that the vSphere Namespace is properly configured.
  1. Log in to the Supervisor.
    kubectl vsphere login --server IP-ADDRESS-SUPERVISOR-CLUSTER --vsphere-username VCENTER-SSO-USERNAME
  2. Switch context to the target vSphere Namespace where you plan to provision one or more TKG clusters.
    kubectl config use-context VSPHERE-NAMESPACE-NAME
  3. Describe the vSphere Namespace.
    kubectl describe ns VSPHERE-NAMESPACE-NAME

    This command returns the name of each storage class available in the vSphere Namespace as well as resource quota.

  4. List and describe the available Tanzu Kubernetes releases.
    kubectl get tanzukubernetesreleases

    This command returns those TKRs that are in the content library configured for the vSphere Namespace and that have been synchronized with or uploaded to the library.

  5. List the available virtual machine classes.
    kubectl get virtualmachineclassbindings

    This command returns the VM classes that are bound to the namespace. Only bound VM classes can be used to provision TKG cluster nodes.