Before upgrading a TKG cluster, the autoscaler must be paused. After you upgrade the TKr version of the cluster, you must update the autoscaler package version to match the TKr minor version.


This task assumes you have installed the cluster autoscaler on a TKG cluster. See Install Cluster Autoscaler Using Tanzu CLI.

Pre Cluster Upgrade: Pause the Autoscaler

Before you upgrade a TKG cluster with the autoscaler installed, you must first pause the autoscaler package.
  1. Pause the cluster autoscaler package by setting the paused boolean value to true in the values.yaml configuration file.
      ignoreDaemonsetsUtilization: true  
      maxNodeProvisionTime: 15m  
      maxNodesTotal: 0  
      metricsPort: 8085  
      scaleDownDelayAfterAdd: 10m  
      scaleDownDelayAfterDelete: 10s  
      scaleDownDelayAfterFailure: 3m  
      scaleDownUnneededTime: 10m
      clusterName: "tkc"  
      clusterNamespace: "cluster"
    paused: true #set to true before upgrade
  2. Update the package using the Tanzu CLI.
    tanzu package installed update cluster-autoscaler-pkgi -n tkg-system --package --values-file values.yaml

Upgrade the Cluster

Once the autoscaler is paused, proceed with updating the cluster.
  1. Upgrade the Kubernetes version of the TKG cluster.

    See Update a TKG Cluster by Editing the TKR Version.

Post Cluster Upgrade: Update the Autoscaler Package Version

After upgrading the cluster, update the version of the autoscaler package to match the TKr minor version and reset the paused key to false.
  1. Choose the corresponding autoscaler version.

    The minor versions of the TKr and the autoscaler package must match. For example, if you upgraded the cluster to TKr v1.28.8, you will need to use autoscaler v1.28.0 package.

  2. Generate the default values.yaml using the Tanzu CLI command.
    tanzu package available get  -n tkg-system --default-values-file-output new-values.yaml
  3. Update the new-values.yaml file with the new package version and reset paused to false.
  4. Use the Tanzu CLI to update the installation of the cluster autoscaler.
    tanzu package installed update cluster-autoscaler-pkgi -n tkg-system --package --values-file new-values.yaml --version 1.28.1+vmware.1-tkg.1