To change the installed Converter Standalone agent or the communication ports for the Converter Standalone components, you must modify the Converter Standalone installation.


Verify that you have Administrator privileges.

Close the Converter Standalone application before you start the installer wizard.


  1. To start the Converter Standalone installer, perform one of the following actions:
    • Go to the folder that contains the installer file and double-click the VMware-converter-6.2.x-<xxxxx>.exe file, where <xxxxx> is the number of the build. Check the number of the build to see if it matches the build you installed.
    • Select Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel, select Converter Standalone from the list, and click Change.
  2. On the Welcome page of the installer wizard, click Next.
  3. On the Program Maintenance page, select Modify and click Next.
  4. On the Custom Setup page, select the components that you want to install and click Next.
    Option Description
    Converter server Converter Standalone server manages the conversion tasks. It handles the communication between the Converter Standalone clients and Converter Standalone agents. You cannot install Converter server alone. You must install Converter Standalone server together with Remote access or with the Converter Standalone client, or with both.
    Remote access If you install Remote access, local and multiple remote Converter Standalone clients can connect to the local Converter Standalone server. With Remote access you can create and manage conversion tasks remotely. For remote access, you must perform a client-server installation.
    Converter agent Install Converter Standalone agent so that the local machine can be a source machine for conversions.
    Converter client If you install only Converter Standalone client, you can connect to a remote Converter Standalone server. You can then use the remote machine to convert hosted virtual machines, managed virtual machines, or remote physical machines.

    When you install the Converter Standalone server and Remote access, the local machine becomes a server for conversions, which you can manage remotely. When you install the Converter Standalone server and the Converter Standalone client, you can use the local machine to access remote Converter Standalone servers or create conversion jobs locally.

  5. (Optional) If you decided to install Remote access or Converter Standalone agent, modify the Web service ports on the Port Settings page.
    • Type the HTTPS port service number.
    • Type the HTTP port service number.
    • Type the Agent port service number.
  6. On the Ready to Modify page, click Install.
  7. (Optional) If you installed the Converter Standalone client, deselect Run Converter Standalone Client now to complete the installation without starting the application at this time.
  8. On the Installation Completed page, click Finish.
    A prompt might ask you to restart your system.


The selected Converter Standalone components are installed on the local machine and are ready for use.

What to do next

You can use Converter Standalone to convert physical or virtual machine sources to virtual machine destinations.