For vSphere destinations, you can select the destination folder and rename the destination virtual machine.

If you connect to an ESXi host directly, you can view only the list of virtual machines. Therefore, you cannot select a destination folder.


On the Destination System page of the Conversion wizard, select VMware Infrastructure virtual machine as the destination type.


  1. On the Destination Virtual Machine page, select the datacenter to accommodate the destination virtual machine.
    If you use folders in your virtual environment to manage groups of virtual machines, you can select a folder to accommodate the destination virtual machine.
  2. In the Name text box, enter a name for the destination virtual machine.
    By default, Converter Standalone assigns the source machine name in this text box.
    Note: Search the list of virtual machines in the datacenter or folder you selected to ensure that the name you assign to the destination virtual machine does not exist. Virtual machines are filtered as you type. You can clear your search by clicking Clear.
  3. (Optional) To refresh the inventory, click Refresh.
  4. Click Next to proceed to the Destination Location page.

What to do next

On the Destination Location page, you can modify the destination environment for the new virtual machine. This includes selecting a host, resource pool, or cluster to accommodate the destination virtual machine, selecting a datastore to hold the files of the destination virtual machine, and selecting the virtual hardware version to install on the destination virtual machine.