You can convert a powered off virtual machine that is located on an ESXi host, or on an ESXi host managed by vCenter Server.

You cannot convert a running or suspended virtual machine by using this procedure. For powered on virtual machines, use the procedures for powered on source machines.

If you connect to a vCenter Server that is part of an environment that contains multiple vCenter Server instances, Converter Standalone displays only ESXi hosts managed directly by the currently connected vCenter Server.


If the source machine that you want to convert resides on a VMware DRS cluster that vCenter Server manages, set VMware DRS Power Management (DPM) to manual so that DPM does not power off the ESXi hosts used by Converter Standalone. When the conversion process completes, restore DPM to its original settings. For information about how to change DPM settings, see vSphere Resourse Management.

Power off the source machine before the conversion.


  1. On the Source System page of the Conversion wizard, select the Powered off radio button and then select VMware Infrastructure virtual machine from the Select source type drop-down menu.
  2. Provide the IP address or host name and credentials for authentication with the ESXi host or the vCenter Server, and click Next.


The Source Machine page appears, displaying the host name or IP address and the inventory of the ESXi host or the vCenter Server.

What to do next

On the Source Machine page of the Conversion wizard, you can browse the virtual infrastructure inventory and select the virtual machine to convert.