You can use the command-line installation options when you install Converter Standalone from the Command Prompt in Windows or by writing a Windows batch file (.bat).

Table 1. Command-Line Options




Does not display the Windows Installer version check.


Passes parameters to the msiexec.exe file.


Runs the msi command in silent mode.


Runs the msi command in basic mode.


Runs the msi command in full mode.

/l*v Logfile

Records login information in the file provided in Logfile.


Uninstalls vCenter Converter Standalone.


Installs full package. The parameter is case-sensitive.

PROPERTY=property value

Sets the value of a property to property value.


Sets the HTTP port. The default is 80. Remote machines connect to the server through this port to download the Converter Standalone client.


Set the HTTPS port. The default is 443. Remote Converter Standalone clients connect to this port on the server and submit conversion tasks.


Sets an Agent port. The default is 9089. Remote Converter Standalone servers connect to this port to convert this machine.


Controls whether to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program.