When you convert a powered on machine, some conversion features might not be available for certain source operating systems.

Table 1. Limitations for Powered On Machine Conversion

Source Operating System



  • When you convert UEFI sources, Converter Standalone does not copy any UEFI variables to the destination.

  • Synchronization is supported only for volume-based cloning at the block level.


  • Only volume-based cloning at the file level is supported.

  • Only managed destinations are supported.

  • Converting multiboot virtual machines is supported only if GRUB is installed as the boot loader. LILO is not supported.

  • When you convert UEFI sources, Converter Standalone copies only the current UEFI boot entry option to the destination.

  • Simultaneous cloning of multiple disks and volumes is supported only when converting a virtual Linux source.

  • Installing VMware Tools on Linux guest operating systems is not supported.