You can configure the network settings of the virtual machine to work with the network configuration of the destination environment.

The option for configuring network adapters is available for all supported destinations.


On the Options page of the Conversion wizard, click Advanced options, click the Post-conversion tab, and select Customize guest preferences for the virtual machine. Click Next to view and adjust the available customization options.


  1. On the Customizations page, select Network interface settings from the options list.
  2. Select a network adapter and click Customize to configure its properties.
    1. On the IPv4 tab, type the IPv4 address and DNS server address.
    2. On the IPv6 tab, type the IPv6 address and DNS server address.
    3. On the DNS tab, configure the DNS connections by adding DNS suffixes.
    4. Type a DNS suffix and click Add.
      You can add more than one DNS suffix.
    5. If you have provided multiple DNS suffixes, use Move up and Move down to set the order in which the guest operating system uses the connections.
    6. On the WINS tab, type the primary and secondary WINS IPv4 address in the text box.


When powered on, the destination virtual machine uses the network settings that you configured.

What to do next

You can select another option to set or click Next to view a summary of the conversion job. If the Next button is inactive, check the Current settings list for other settings that need your attention on this page.