Migration with Converter Standalone involves converting physical machines and virtual machines for use in VMware hosted and managed products.

You can convert virtual machines that vCenter Server manages for use in other VMware products. You can use Converter Standalone to perform various types of conversion tasks.

  • Import running remote physical and virtual machines as virtual machines to standalone ESXi hosts or to ESXi hosts that vCenter Server manages.
  • Import virtual machines hosted by VMware Workstation or Microsoft Hyper-V Server to ESXi hosts that vCenter Server manages.
  • Export virtual machines managed by vCenter Server hosts to other VMware virtual machine formats.
  • Configure virtual machines managed by vCenter Server so that they are bootable, and install VMware Tools or customize their guest operating systems.
  • Customize guest operating systems of virtual machines in the vCenter Server inventory (for example, change the host name or network settings).
  • Reduce the time that is necessary to set up new virtual machine environments.
  • Migrate legacy servers to new hardware without reinstalling operating systems or application software.
  • Perform migrations across heterogeneous hardware.
  • Readjust volume sizes and place volumes on separate virtual disks.