If you choose to convert a virtual machine managed by a Hyper-V Server, you must browse the inventory to locate the source virtual machine.


On the Source System page, select Hyper-V Server as the source type and navigate to the Source Machine page.


  1. On the Source Machine page, select the virtual machine you want to convert.
    You can search for virtual machines in the inventory by typing one or more letters of their names in the Search for name with text box. You can clear your search by clicking Clear.
    Note: You can select only powered off virtual machines. To convert a running machine, on the Source System page select Powered on machine as the source type. To convert a suspended machine, power it off and convert it as a Hyper-V Server virtual machine, or power it on and convert it as a powered on source.
  2. (Optional) To refresh the inventory, click Refresh.
  3. (Optional) To view more details about the virtual machine to convert, click View source details.
  4. Click Next to proceed to the Destination System page.


The Converter Standalone agent prepares the Hyper-V source machine for conversion.

What to do next

On the Destination System page, you can select the destination type for the new virtual machine.