If you are converting sources with multiple disks and volumes, you can decrease the conversion time by cloning multiple disks and volumes concurrently. This option is supported for conversions of Windows sources and Linux virtual sources.

When you clone multiple disks and volumes in parallel, each data transfer uses a separate TCP connection.

Note: For managed sources and destinations, the number of the concurrent data connections within a conversion task must not exceed the TCP connections limit of the corresponding ESXi host. Otherwise, the conversion task might not complete successfully.

The source conversion completes and the task of configuring the destination starts only when all data transfers are complete.


  1. On the main menu, select Administration > Data Connections per Task.
  2. Select the number of concurrent data connections.
    Option Description
    Select the Maximum check-box . All disks and volumes of the source are cloned simultaneously.
    In the Custom spin-box, select a number between 1 and 12. Only a specific number of disks and volumes are cloned simultaneously. The default number of concurrent data connections per task is set to 1.
  3. Click OK.


The setting takes effect immediately for all newly added tasks.