When you convert a source machine, Converter Standalone uses cloning and system reconfiguration steps to create and configure the destination virtual machine so that it works successfully in vCenter Server and hosted environments. The migration process does not delete or modify the source and you can continue to use the original source machine after the conversion completes.

Cloning is the process of copying the source disks or volumes for the destination virtual machine. Cloning involves copying the data on the source machine’s hard disk and transferring that data to a destination virtual disk. The destination virtual disk might have a different size, file layout, and other characteristics, and therefore might not be an exact copy of the source disk.

System reconfiguration adjusts the migrated operating system so that it to functions on the new virtual hardware.

If you plan to run an imported virtual machine on the same network as the source machine, you must modify the network name and IP address on one of the machines so that the source and destination machines can coexist. Besides, you must make sure that the Windows source machine and the destination virtual machine have different computer names.

Note: Before converting a Windows machine, verify that you have the necessary Windows license.