You can use the command-line installation options when you install Converter Standalone from the Command Prompt in Windows or by writing a Windows batch file (.bat).

Table 1. Command-Line Options
Option Action
/s Does not display the Windows Installer version check.
/v"params" Passes parameters to the msiexec.exe file.
/qn Runs the msi command in silent mode.
/qb Runs the msi command in basic mode.
/qf Runs the msi command in full mode.
/l*v Logfile Records login information in the file provided in Logfile.
/x Uninstalls vCenter Converter Standalone.
ADDLOCAL="ALL" Installs full package. The parameter is case-sensitive.
PROPERTY=property value Sets the value of a property to property value.
VMCE_HTTP_PORT Sets the HTTP port. The default is 80. Remote machines connect to the server through this port to download the Converter Standalone client.
VMCE_HTTPS_PORT Set the HTTPS port. The default is 443. Remote Converter Standalone clients connect to this port on the server and submit conversion tasks.
VMCE_AGENT_PORT Sets an Agent port. The default is 9089. Remote Converter Standalone servers connect to this port to convert this machine.
VMCE_ENABLE_TELEMETRY Controls whether to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program.