You can convert virtual machines that Hyper-V Server manages.


Power off the source Hyper-V virtual machine.


  1. On the Source System page, select the Powered off radio button and then select Hyper-V Server from the Select source type drop-down menu.
  2. Provide the IP address or DNS name and administrative credentials to authenticate with the Hyper-V Server and click Next.
    If Converter Standalone agent is not already installed on the Hyper-V Server, a dialog box appears. In it, you confirm the installation of Converter Standalone agent.
  3. (Optional) Select an uninstallation procedure for Converter Standalone agent and click Yes.


Converter Standalone agent is installed on the source Hyper-V Server.

What to do next

On the Source Machine page, browse the Hyper-V Server inventory to locate the source virtual machine to convert.