To avoid problems related to permissions and network access, ensure that simple file sharing is turned off and that Windows Firewall does not block file and printer sharing. Also, to access file and printer sharing ports, you might need to change the scope of the IP addresses that the firewall allows.

To ensure successful remote hot cloning of Windows platforms, verify the following conditions on the source machine before you start the application:

You must allow incoming file share connections in the following situations:

  • When you use the machine to host standalone images.
  • When you use the machine as a standalone destination.
  • When you hot clone the machine remotely.

For Windows Vista and later, you must either use an administrator account for Converter Standalone when logging to the source machine, or deactivate UAC on the source machine.

To activate customization of the guest operating system, install Microsoft Sysprep files on the machine where Converter Standalone server is running.