Ensure that you provide licensing information for all destination virtual machines running guest operating systems as necessary. Because of third-party licensing policies, you might not be able to transfer the license from the source machine and you might need to provide a new valid license for the destination virtual machine.


On the Options page of the Conversion wizard, click Advanced options, click the Post-conversion tab, and select Customize guest preferences for the virtual machine. Click Next to view and adjust the available customization options.


  1. On the Customizations page, select Windows license from the options list.
  2. In the Product ID text box, type the licensing information for the destination virtual machine.
  3. (Optional) If the guest operating system is Windows Server 2008, select Include server license information.
  4. Select a Server license mode option.
    Option Description
    Per seat For individual user licenses.
    Per server For a concurrent user license. When you select this option, you need to type a value in the Maximum connections text box.


The Windows license information is saved to the destination virtual machine after the conversion.

What to do next

You can select another option to set or click Next to view a summary of the conversion job. If the Next button is inactive, check the Current settings list for other settings that need your attention on this page.