During volume-based cloning, volumes from the source machine are copied to the destination machine. Converter Standalone supports volume-based cloning during hot cloning, and during the import of existing virtual machines.

During volume-based cloning, all volumes in the destination virtual machine, except LVM2 logical volumes, are converted to basic volumes, regardless of their type in the corresponding source volume. LVM2 logical volumes can be preserved as logical volumes during conversion.

Volume-based cloning is performed at the file level or block level, depending on the destination volume size that you select.

Volume-based cloning at the file level
Performed when you select a size smaller than the original volume for NTFS volumes or you choose to resize a FAT volume.

For FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS, and ReiserFS file systems, Converter Standalone preserves the file system type during a volume-based cloning at the file level.

Dynamic source disks are read but not preserved during volume-based conversions. Dynamic disks are converted into basic volumes on the target virtual machine. Volume-based cloning of dynamic source disks at the file level is supported only for Windows.

Volume-based cloning at the block level
Performed when you choose to preserve the size of the source volume or when you specify a larger volume size for NTFS source volumes. Volume-based cloning at the block level is supported only for Windows.