You can install Converter Standalone from the Command Prompt or by writing a Windows batch file (.bat) to automate the installation process.


Verify that your system meets the Converter Standalone system requirements.

Verify that you have Administrator privileges.

If you have an earlier version of Converter Standalone agent on the system, uninstall Converter Standalone agent.


  1. Download the latest version of Converter Standalone from the VMware Web site.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window.
  3. At the command line, navigate to the local directory to which you downloaded the installer.
  4. To install Converter Standalone silently with the log file written to the temp directory, enter:
    VMware-converter-6.4.x-<build>.exe /s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL /l*v %TEMP%\vmconvservermsi.log VMCE_ENABLE_TELEMETRY=true" where VMware-converter-6.4.x-<build>.exe is the full installer filename.
    For more command-line options, see Command-Line Options for Windows Installation.

What to do next

You can use Converter Standalone to convert physical or virtual machine sources to virtual machine destinations.