A VMware virtual machine that is created by Converter Standalone contains a copy of the disk state of the source physical or virtual machine. Some hardware-dependent drivers and sometimes the mapped drive letters might not be preserved.

The following source computer settings remain unchanged:

  • Operating system configuration (computer name, security ID, user accounts, profiles, preferences, and so on)
  • Applications and data files
  • Volume serial number for each disk partition

Because the target and the source virtual machines have the same identities (name, SID, and so on), running them on the same network might result in conflicts. To redeploy the source virtual machine, make sure that you do not run the source and target virtual machines on the same network at the same time.

For example, if you use Converter Standalone to test whether you can run a Hyper-V Server virtual machine as a VMware virtual machine without first decommissioning the original Hyper-V Server machine, you must first resolve the duplicate ID problem. You can resolve this problem by customizing the virtual machines in the Conversion or the Configuration wizard.