With Converter Standalone, you can convert virtual machines and configure VMware virtual machines.

Converting virtual machines
You can convert VMware virtual machines from and to VMware Workstation, VMware Workstation Player, VMware Fusion, ESXi Embedded, and ESXi Installable. You can also convert virtual machines that Hyper-V Server manages into VMware virtual machines.

To run an imported VMware virtual machine and its source virtual machine on the same network, you must modify the network name and IP address on one of the virtual machines.

Configuring virtual machines
If the VMware virtual machines have disks that have been populated by using a backup of a physical host, Converter Standalone prepares the image to run on VMware virtual hardware. If you have used third-party virtualization software to create a virtual machine on an ESXi host, you can use Converter Standalone to reconfigure it. You can also reconfigure any operating system installed on a multiboot machine if you have imported the virtual machine to an ESXi host. Before you reconfigure a multiboot machine, you must change the boot.ini file or the BCD.