Your selected source and destination determine the available data cloning options. For a conversion job, you can copy all disks to the destination or select the volumes to be copied or to be excluded. For destinations with multiple datastores, you can select the data location on specific datastores in your virtual environment.

If you selected a source with multiple disks and volumes, you can set Converter to start concurrent data transfers. For details, see Set the Number of Data Connections per Task.


On the Options page of the Conversion wizard, click Data to copy in the options list.


  • In the Data to copy pane, select a copy mode from the Data copy type drop-down menu.
    Option Description
    Copy all disks and maintain layout Results in disk-based cloning. You can preserve the source disk layout in the destination virtual machine. This option is not available for powered on source machines.
    Select volumes to copy Results in volume-based cloning. Volume-based cloning is performed at file or block level. You can select the volumes to be copied to the destination virtual machine. You can also resize and reorganize the volume layout. This option is available for powered on source machines that run Windows and Linux, and for all other supported sources that run Windows.
    Linked clone Results in creating a VMware virtual machine that shares the virtual disk of the source machine. This option is available only for hosted sources and hosted destinations.

What to do next

The destination that you select determines the destination disk types that are available to you. To support destination virtual disks on FAT file systems, divide the source data into 2 GB files. For detailed information about destination virtual disks types, see Supported Destination Disk Types.