You can change the password for the admin user of the RabbitMQ server.


Plan downtime of the system during the execution of the password change procedure.


Verify that the new password meets the corporate requirements for password complexity of your organization.


  1. Connect to the RabbitMQ server over SSH.
  2. Set the new password by running the rabbitmqctl change_password admin vmware-new command.

    For more information on changing the RabbitMQ password, see the Rabbitmqctl Manual Page.

  3. Connect to your vCloud Availability Installer Appliance over SSH by using your root credentials.
  4. Create or modify the new file by running the following vCloud Availability Installer Appliancecommands.
    # vi ~/.ssh/.amqp_new
    # chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/.amqp_new
  5. Update the link from vCloud Director to RabbitMQ by running the command:
    vcav vcd configure-amqp \
    --vcd=vcd \
    --amqp-address=$AMQP_ADDRESS \
    --amqp-port=5671 \
    --amqp-user=admin \
    --amqp-password-file=~/.ssh/.amqp_new \
    --amqp-vhost=/ \
  6. Reboot all the vCloud Director instances.
  7. Reboot all the Cloud Proxy instances.
  8. Run the following command:
    vcav trust add-ssh \
    --accept-all \
    --address=$HCS_ADDRESS \
  9. Update vCloud Director configuration by reconfiguring all the vSphere Replication Cloud Service hosts:
    vcav hcs configure --reconfigure \
    --hcs-address=$HCS01_ADDRESS \
    --amqp-password-file=~/.ssh/.amqp_new \
    --cassandra-replication-factor=3 \
    vcav hcs wait-for-extension \
    --hcs-address=$HCS01_ADDRESS \