Deployment involves installing components within the service provider environment, and just one component within each tenant vCenter Server.

Deployment of vCloud Availability is based on configuring several different components. Some components, such as Cassandra, or NSX may already be deployed within your environment. All the components work together to provide the overall service. Some components are required only once, others are required two or three times to provide redundancy, some are required multiple times to support an increasing number of protected virtual machines.

A typical deployment includes the following components:

  • Tenant Service

    • The tenant service, which consists of the vSphere Replication Appliance, is installed on-site in an existing vSphere environment and provides the necessary tools to replicate information to the service provider site.

  • Service Provider Service

    • The service provider side of the system supports one or more tenants. A Cloud Proxy provides network connectivity, a vSphere Replication Manager handles the replication of data and controls the replication, and a cluster of appliances receives the disk updates and stores the information ready for the failover of operation from the tenant site to the service provider environment. The number of instances of each component required varies depending on the number of VMs on the tenant side that need to be protected.