Register vCloud Director with Shared SSO to which all backing resource vCenter Servers are registered.


Register VCD with the lookup service of the tenant VC through REST API.
PUT https://<vcd ip>:<port>/api/admin/extension/settings/lookupService  
Accept: application/*+xml;version=6.0 
Content-Type: application/*+xml;version=6.0  
<LookupServiceParams xmlns="" 
userName="SSO_ADMIN_USER" password="SSO_ADMIN_USER_PASS"><LookupServiceUrl>https://{SSO_URL_IP}:{SSO_PORT}/lookupservice/sdk</LookupServiceUrl>     

Here onwards vCloud Director can be accessed only with this URL https://VCD IP or hostname/cloud/login.jsp.

Enable SSO in vCloud Director UI: Administration > Federation > Use vSphere Single Sign On