Configuration and recovery of protected virtual machines uses a fixed process through the API service

To configure and recover virtual machines protected by the service, perform the following tasks in vSphere Replication and service provider environment:

  1. Using the vSphere Replication Appliance, specifically the vCenter Server Web Client UI extension, replicate the virtual machines that you plan to protect from your source site to the Service Provider.

    You must initiate replication to the cloud by using vSphere Replication at your source site because replication between your source site and the cloud is not symmetrical. You can initiate a replication to the cloud from your source site but, for security reasons, you cannot communicate with the virtual machines at your source site from the cloud.

  2. After replicating your virtual machines to the cloud, call the APIs to list the replications.

  3. Using API calls test recovery for a virtual machine and cleanup the test after you run it.

  4. If your source site becomes unavailable, recover your virtual machines by using failback API calls.