You can monitor the overall IaaS consumption by the tenants in the vCloud Availability Administration Portal. You can track all the vCloud Director organizations enabled for replication and their system usage.

Getting Information from the Home Screen Dashboard

After you log in to the vCloud Availability Administration Portal, you can review the Summary Page dashboard. You can find information about vCloud Director organizations enabled for replication. You can view the overall vCloud Director allocated and used storage used by those organizations and their replicated VMs. You can get the number of replications per organization, the storage use per organization VDC and the organization VDC with unlimited capacity.

You can obtain additional statistics about the distribution of the replications in OK, Error, and Other state.


Notice that the † symbol indicates a real-time value.

Generating Reports

The information on the Summary Page is generated from a report collection snapshot. You can see the date and time of the last generated report collection snapshot in the Report page.

You can view the number of vCloud Director organizations enabled for replication and total storage, total pre-allocated CPU, and total pre-allocated memory for those organizations. You can also see the number of to- and from cloud replications and their state.

To see the specific information about replications assigned to a particular organization VDC, click the link for that organization.

To generate a new report collection snapshot on-demand, you must click the GENERATE button on the Report page. You can generate and download reports on the overall allocated and used storage, memory, and CPU by organization VDC. You can get statistics on the corresponding to-cloud and from-cloud replications by their state.


It takes several minutes for the report collection snapshot generation. To confirm the completion of the report, you must leave and return to the report page, or refresh the browser.

Adjusting the Frequency of Report Generation

By default, the vCloud Availability Administration Portal generates a report every 12 hours.

To adjust the frequency of report generation:

  1. Use a text editor to open the /opt/vmware/vcav-smp/conf/application.yml file.

  2. Set the trigger value to the desired value.